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Cosmetic Surgery After Divorce

Category : Break-Up, Moving On

CBS News in New York had a story last week about how many people are having cosmetic surgery after divorce, which is becoming a hot new trend.

Dubbed “revenge cosmetic surgery” by the media, it seems that more and more women are getting a nip and a tuck when they have a breakup. And, yes, it is more women than men. The America Society of Plastic Surgery reported that in America in 2009 approximately 900,000 procedures were performed on men while over 9 million cosmetic procedures were done on women!

I assume the surgery goes along with the philosophy that you want to be as new and fresh on the outside as you feel on the inside. It makes a lot of sense. Get rid of all the things you are unhappy with at the same time: your nose, wrinkles and spouse. What a concept! Even the psychologists interviewed all thought it was a good idea.

Does a little Botox really help cure the breakup blues? What do you think?

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Absolutely! Anything that makes you feel better about yourself helps. Just as long as you don’t overdo it.

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