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Calling Your Ex

Category : Ex-Spouse, Healing

I just made one of the oddest phone calls I have ever made…a call to my ex-husband.

Ring, ring, ring…I held the phone receiver to my ear. It felt like it was ringing forever. I guess when you’re calling your ex the rings go slower and sound louder. Hmmm, finally the phone was answered. “Hello?” my ex said. Of course, this was a normal response to somebody picking up the phone, but for some reason I froze. Maybe it was the sound of his voice, which I hadn’t heard in light years. Then, I snapped out of it and jumped right into it. “Hello,” I responded. “It’s Lois. I have something to tell you.”

“Yes,” he responded, possibly thinking that someone died.

“Remember when we got divorced?” I asked (like it’s something he would have forgotten). “Well, you don’t know this, but when I got the letter from the state saying that the divorce would be final in 6 months I ended up having a divorce party. Now, I’m writing a book about celebrating divorce. Also, I’m launching a divorce blog and before I go live, I thought I should tell you about it.”

(Insert long pause here.) Surprisingly, I wasn’t faced with a dial tone at the other end of the line. Actually, I heard laughter. Who knew? He was actually very cordial. Anyway, while my ex is a lot of things, he is creative. So we ended up having a long conversation about the book and we even threw around some clever ideas about what I should do with this blog. While it was hard to agree on anything when we were married, we had no problem agreeing about ideas for the divorce book.

Is this weird? Or, is this the new way of the world?

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