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Oh No Valentine’s Day!

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Valentine’s Day can be really difficult. However, there’s no need for another St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. Now that you’re divorced, it’s time to look at this holiday and, all future holidays, as a new beginning of celebration. And if want to shoot cupid because he hasn’t shot you with an arrow yet, don’t do it! His arrow is locked and loaded, and it will hit you when it’s the right person at the right time. So hang in there!

It’s time to forget about the broken hearts club. Feel sorry for yourself? I don’t think so. Below are some tips on how to survive this Valentine’s Day.

EX AND THE CITY: Don’t go anywhere you and your ex went on past Valentine’s Day’s. That goes for anything from a restaurant to a coffee shop to a public restroom.

SUGAR-FREE: Do not buy yourself a box of chocolates. Even though it’s in the shape of a heart it doesn’t love you.

THE FAST TRACK: Speed dating parties have become quite popular on Valentine’s Day. While speed dating can be fun, I don’t recommend it on this holiday. Valentine’s Day + Speed Dating = Desperate.

DON’T TAKE A STAND: If you wind up going out drinking with your friends and you meet another single lonely Valentine, don’t go home with them. A “one night stand” is not the ticket to feeling better. You will not love yourself in the morning.

DON’T BE MINE: If you end up having too many drinks on Valentine’s Day, do not drunk text or dial your ex. I repeat DO NOT drunk text or dial your ex. It’s over and no contact is key for you both to heal. Instead of little heart candies that say “Be Mine,” you need to think “Don’t Be Mine.” You can make it through this holiday. I believe in you! And once you make it through Valentine’s Day you’re one step closer to moving on!

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Do something to show love for a child and you will probably feel a whole lot better about the true meaning of Valentine’s Day.

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