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Money & Marriage

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Divorces are often costly, but in some places around the world right now it’s too expensive to even get married.

In Egypt the rebuilding process will hopefully begin. Many in the country are expressing their frustrations that the salary at their job is so low that they can’t get married. Approximately 40% of Egyptians survive on $2 a day. It’s next to impossible for many men to care for a wife and a family. The statistics are real and staggering.

As more and more information comes to the surface, it’s clear why so many are fighting for a better life. Public Radio International’s program “The World” had an entire segment dedicated to this issue. Here’s some clips from the piece:

When there aren’t massive protests in Cairo, this is a pretty typical scene: a cafe full of men sitting around, smoking water pipes, playing dominoes and doing not much else.

The café is called Casino Shubra. The name’s pretty much a tease here in the low-income neighborhood of Shubra. Though one man sitting alone in the back of the café, nursing a cup of tea, is thinking a lot about his luck.

Tayeb Muhammed is 31 years old, but his sagging face makes him look more like 40. Each day he works 12 hours at a restaurant making kabobs, earns a bit less than $3, and then comes here.

“I don’t have enough money to get married. I always ask myself, why is this happening?” Muhammed said. “Is it because I have been working for ten years and I did it all wrong? Is it because everything is so expensive? Is it the society? I don’t know the answer.”

To listen to the program or read the rest of the article click here.

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The real issue is the cost of having children unless one lives in a repressive society where married women must stay home and not work outside the home!

Maybe today, it’s not necessary to get married. So many things have changed.

You will never know for sure until you try. You may feel rusty at first, but might get a hang of it along the way. Do what feels right. But keep in mind that there’s also such a thing as waiting too long; none of us is geitntg any younger. Reply

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