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Divorce + Hollywood = Drama

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I don’t get into too much of the Hollywood hoopla of who is hooking up with who, but these days it seems everywhere you turn a Hollywood divorce is playing out in the tabloids. The latest that’s certainly causing a stir is between Kelsey and Camille Grammer. The former Frasier star and the current star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is shaping up to be a pretty messy one.

The New York Daily News recently did an article about the top nastiest divorces in celebrity history. They had everyone on their list from royalty (Prince Charles and Princess Diana) to rock royalty (Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall) to reality (Jon and Kate Gosslin) and TV stars (Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards). Who could forget Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid? How about Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin? Getting divorced is tough enough. I can’t imagine the whole world following every step of your breakup in the tabloids, especially if you have children. What do you think is the most prolific and shocking divorce in Hollywood history?

Here is a closer look from the NY Daily News:

Hollywood is notorious for its short-lived and highly-publicized hookups and breakups. Especially when it comes to divorce, nothing’s more brutal than an all-out Tinseltown brawl. Take a look at some of the dirtiest drag ‘em out divorce battles EVER. For the entire article click here.

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I have no interest!

Maybe Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell have it right. According to them they never got married and they’ve been together since 1983! Then there’s Oprah and Stedman. Why complicate things with marriage in Hollywood

If you need to be specific, the what days do you want him? Every snoecd weekend, wednesdays, and what holidays? Alternating weekends? If your wife is reasonable, talking it out with her will be cheaper, but only if you can both be happy with the result.

Has to be Linda and Hulk. They were together for so long and I’m sure a lot went on. Now they’re fighting over toilet bowls?! It doesn’t get nastier than that.

I think the most prolific and shocking divorce in Hollywood history has to be Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston.

Thanks for this post, it is great

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