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Fly Fly Away

Category : Divorce Ritual, Healing

There’s always been something about a balloon flying through the air on a bright sunny day that spells peace to me. The way it floats and goes higher and higher into the sky with no destination is so freeing. If you’re looking for some peace after a divorce, I’d like to suggest a divorce ritual that I call “Fly Fly Away.”

The first step in this divorce ritual is to write down each issue that you had with your ex on little separate pieces of paper. For instance, you could write things like, “He cheated. He didn’t say I love you enough. He left the cap off of the toothpaste. He wasn’t responsible. He never helped around the house,” etc. Next, roll up the little pieces of paper and stick each one in a separate balloon. Blow up each balloon, tie it tight and attach a string. Lastly, walk outside take a deep breathe and let each balloon go into the sky.

When you see the balloons fly away and out of sight, imagine all of the issues that upset you going with them! Trust me, this is magical. Each balloon flying into the air is a release of each of the problems you had with your ex that you’re now letting go. They’re heading off to somewhere else…for good!

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You might want to bury a copy and dig it up before you remarry to make sure you won’t have the exact same relationship problems!!

Treating every day as a special or aercsd day lovely place to start.This suggests to me that every day, every moment must be lived with awareness and intention. No being in automatic pilot here.

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