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Kate and William

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I’m in London right now and its clear that Prince William and Kate, who are soon to be married, are all the buzz. I recently read that they’re going through counseling before they say I do!

It’s reported that through counseling they will learn how to deal with their in-laws. I can’t imagine dealing with Queen Elizabeth as a mother-in-law! Wow, you definitely couldn’t say anything bad about her. And then there is Prince Philip. How would it be to get along with him? They will also spend time learning about how to deal with future children and the pitfalls of marriage.

Wouldn’t it just be easier if they made a book “Marrying Prince’s for Dummies?” Seriously, I have to say that Kate has a lot to deal with marrying William and she’s handling it very well so far. She seems like a grounded woman and going to counseling before they get married is certainly reflective of that. Will it help? It certainly couldn’t hurt.

“2011 will bring a new type of relationship to the forefront,” says relationship guru Kristen Houghton. “More couples will seek counseling before any problems occur. There will be a return to common shared interests, even while each partner still strives for individual goals. In other words, I’m seeing more maturity in the attitudes of the couples in 2011. Finally.”

If everyone went into counseling before they got married, do you think that would help cut down the divorce rate?

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It might cut down on the marriage rate!

It could help. When you’re busy planning a big wedding you begin to forget about each other somewhat during the process. This could bring the couple together and remind them of what’s most important.

Yes, and I agree with Georgia!

How about counseling that gives a couple some insights about whether their differences should make them think twice about getting married. There are signs!

Good one and one I totally agree with; I would not pay for my daughter’s wedding until 6 months of counseling was under their belt and they are a unified partnership, with respect at the forefront of all their communication. They are into their 15th year of marriage. I sure wish I took my own advice oh so many years ago.

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