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Divorce In Italy? Fahgettaboudit!

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I was a big Sorprano’s fan. One of the parts of the show that I enjoyed watching the most was the relationship between Tony Soprano and his wife, Carmela. During Season 5, their marriage was on the rocks and Carmela tells T0ny over dinner that she is going to move forward and file for divorce. Getting a divorce is never easy, but I couldn’t imagine getting one with a mob boss! Tony responded matter-of-factly, “Well, first of all we’re Italian, we don’t believe in divorce. We believe in the nuclear family.”

I decided to do a little research about divorce in Italy. In 1970, divorce was made legal in Italy, but has since remained one of the lowest divorce rates in the world, currently at 12%. Compared to the US at 52% and Sweden even higher at 64% (you might want to bring e divorce papers to the wedding). Maybe when Italians get married it really does mean “for better or for worse.” Historically, Italians are family-oriented and seem to work through their problems rather than just giving up and ending the marriage. Maybe the strict religious beliefs of Catholicism deter people from getting divorced as well as pressure from the family. Many newly married couples in Italy actually live with their parents or very close by. I guess in Italy they look at the bigger picture and the wife doesn’t get on the husband for leaving the toilet seat up (even though that REALLY annoys me).

Why do you think the divorce rate is so low in Italy?

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I’d say it’s strong tradition, religion, or a combination of the two.

I think it’s the tomato sauce that lowers the divorce rate. Sauce is made with love and it has a lot of antioxidants to keep you healthy and happy. Also, people’s family sauce recipes are handed down from generation to generation and if they get divorced they run the risk of a security breach. LOL!

The options suck!

I’m with Tam and Richard. That, and Italian women know how to treat their men.

Strong family values and tradition.

We’ve obviously and easily stumbled upon the answer. Italian men get set in their ways, enjoy the food, and see no reason to divorce a good cook, as it would quickly result in the food quality taking a major dip.

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