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Welcome To Your Divorce Day

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When I received the form letter from the county registrar — the “To Whom It May Concern” letter — stating that my divorce would be final in 6 months, if I did nothing more, I was appalled and shattered. After so many years of marriage, this was it? I thought. It ends with just a fizzle? How could this be? I felt there should be something to mark this important day in my life. Something to give the actual “divorce day” meaning.

Unfortunately, so many of us (around 50%) get divorced. But how do we mark the day when it’s finally final? You remember all the planning that went into your wedding, right? (You and/or your parents might still even be paying it off…ugh!) What about the day when the marriage officially ends? The day your new life begins.

This thought stayed with me for the six months until my divorce became final. That is, until the DAY that I decided to have a tea party with some special friends who had supported me through the divorce process. I found out that others were also starting to throw parties to celebrate the divorce day. Finally, people were beginning to move on and having fun doing it.

This blog was created to talk about that day and how you can make it special. Ways to make it a relevant moment in your life. I will be informing readers about fun ways and detail “rituals” to make that day special. But just like I needed help getting over my divorce, I need your input on this blog! Send me your comments and ideas to and tell me how you think we can make the official divorce day one to remember. Let’s all see how special this day can truly be!

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Eagerly awaiting more posts!

I am the second wife, (still married) and I love what Lois has done! Very clever, creative, funny, and, I think, helpful to a lot of people. I am forwarding this to my best friend who is divorcing someone she should have divorced years ago. We definitely need to have a party! Great idea!

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