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Divorce Ritual: Fly Fly Away

Category : Divorce Party, Healing

I threw a divorce party recently for a client and there was lots of humor and healing! One of the reasons my divorce parties are unique from others is because of the rituals that my divorcees perform during each event. Not only do they bring structure to the party, but each ritual performed gives way to more and more healing for the divorcee — the notion of moving on! I am always amazed at how much other guests, who are divorced but didn’t have a divorce party, healed and had closure after being at a friends divorce party.

One of the rituals that is always a hit is Fly Fly Away. Here are the steps:

Step 1) On small pieces of paper, the divorcee should write all of the things she disliked about her ex.

Step 2) On small pieces of paper the guests should write down all of the wonderful things that they want for the divorcee’s new life.

Step 3) Everybody should roll up the little pieces of paper and put them into the balloons.

Step 4) Blow up the balloons and tie a string around each one.

Step 5) The divorcee should go outside with everyone at the party and let the balloons go into the sky.

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