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A New Divorce Ritual

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We all spend a lot of time on our cell phones.  Yesterday, while going to my “favorites,” I realized there’s another ritual that is dramatic and quite serious.  This Divorce Ritual is called “Not a ‘Favorite’ Any Longer” and it involves deleting your ex from your list of favorites on your phone. While it only takes you one second to hit the delete button, it can take a long time to finally get to this point.  How many times have you looked at that name and dialed it? As the divorce proceeded, how many times did you look at that name and feel really sad, mad and angry?  Delete it!  Imagine how healing this can be.  You don’t have to open your phone and see your ex’s name.  Obviously, they’re not your “favorite” any longer, so get rid of them and find a new favorite friend to take their place!

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That is so true. It was weird to removed my ex from my favorites. He used to have his own ringtone too — not anymore!

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