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How does a top celebrity divorce lawyer suggest that married couples stay together? Raoul Felder, who was called the “Duke of Divorce” by Us Magazine, offers his tips for couples to have a lasting marriage on  The article entitled, “How to Not Get Divorced, According to a Top Celebrity Divorce Lawyer” is something any couple heading down the aisle should read as well as the couples already married. Here is some of the article:

1) Do your own thing. “Too much togetherness breeds complacency,” says Felder. Have a life outside of your relationship. “If you were single, you’d continue to develop and grow, and that shouldn’t change just because you’re married,” he says. “Otherwise, it becomes like reading the same story over and over again. Even Shakespeare gets boring.” Which is why he also recommends you…

2) Read a book every two weeks. “You have to keep introducing lines of conversation,” he says. “Nobody wants to go to bed with someone knowing exactly what they’re going to say the next morning. Seriously, keep reading. It helps.”

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