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Going Through The First Year After a Divorce

Category : Celebrity, Divorce Day

After a break-up or a divorce, making it through the first year is a big deal. Check out my latest Huffington Post article about making it through those initial 12 months. Please share the article. Here is a sample below:

It was recently reported that Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise completed their first year after the divorce was finalized.  Many divorced couples don’t think that they will survive after the split.  The completion of the first year marks an important milestone.

When you’re going through the divorce process, it feels like it will never end.  Then, one day, you both sign the divorce papers.  After all of the aggravation, you get that piece of paper in the mail and you say to yourself, “That’s it?”  This is what happened to me.  However, that piece of paper is important because it marks your first day of your new life.  It will always be your divorce day.

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