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How to Increase Happiness During a Break Up

Category : Health

If you are going through a divorce I am sure you are having many difficult moments.  It’s important to be happy as much as you possibly can because being depressed can take a toll on your body and mind.  It has been reported that health and happiness are both connected to diet.  Increasing your daily dose of fresh veggies and fruits can make a big difference.  In a recent study, the University of Warwick’s 7 a-Day for Happiness and Mental Health, they analyzed the diets of 80,000 people and came to this answer.  

Study author and PhD of University of Warwick Andrew Oswald said “This study has shown surprising results, and I have decided it is prudent to eat more fruit and vegetables.  I am keen to stay cheery.”   

So if you are down during a divorce start eating more vegetables and fruits! (But I think they forgot chocolate on the list…oh well.)

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