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Too Poor to Break Up

Category : Global Divorce, Global Marriage

I read an interesting article in The New York Times today.  A couple in Spain was desperate to get divorced.  The wife had met and fallen in love with another man and her husband had lost his job.  They were struggling to make ends meet and couldn’t sell their house.  They were stuck in this dire situation for over two years! 

Sadly, this has become a frequent problem in Spain because the economy has gotten so bad there.  But this is also a problem in the US.  Many couples stay together because their biggest asset — their house – is impossible to sell.  I cannot imagine how having to stay with someone you had fallen out of love with and not being able to move forward with your life.  This must be so incredibly difficult for a couple. It’s a lesson to not live above your means and to always be self sufficient in a relationship so nothing but love is tieing you together.

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