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Staying or Leaving for the Holidays?

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When you’re divorced the holidays can certainly take its toll. This reader sent me an email and wanted to know if she should get out of town till the whole holiday hoopla blows over.


Wishing you happy holidays. Love the blog and all of your tips. So so so helpful! After Thanksgiving and with the holidays coming up, I started to feel a lot of anxiety.I was divorced four months ago and while I am telling everyone I am over my ex, I still have some healing to do. I enjoyed seeing my extended family for Thanksgiving at my cousins, but I felt I was putting on a happy face when inside I was down. I was thinking of heading out of town for ten days for the holidays, but don’t want to hurt my family who is trying extra hard because they know it’s my first year alone.  Should I book the flight?


Hi Cameron,

Happy holidays to you. I know the holidays are rough when you first get divorced, but the good news is that it gets better each day as you go forward.  The great thing about being divorced is that you finally have the freedom to make decisions in your life for just you.  If you feel like going away for the holidays then you should.  Your family seems loving and supportive. I am sure they just want to see you happy. So if you tell them that is what you feel you need for the holidays, I have a feeling they will understand.  This new period in your life has to be about you. You need to regroup and move forward in the New Year with the best mind-set possible.  If going away will push you in a positive direction then you should go for it! Don’t forget to email us and tell me how the trip is going. Whatever you decided, remember to just have fun this holiday season!


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