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When Your Ex Passes Away, What Do You Do?

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Just talked to a friend who was divorced a number of years ago.  She was in a real quandry. Her ex-husband had just passed away and she didn’t know what to do or how to feel.  I had absolutly no advice to give her and was hoping someone out there might. 

We always feel sad when someone we know passes away.  But when it is someone you have shared your life with for a period of time, then parted ways, what do you do?  I imagine the intensity of your feelings have to do with how long you were married, how long you have been divorced, if you had children together, and well so many variables. 
Do you immediatly drop what you are doing and go to try to confort the persons new family? If you had children together, I would think you would want to be with them to help them get through a difficult time. 

I wasn’t exactly sure how to help her when she asked me, and I am hoping someone out there has some input

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I have actually given this some thought, as my ex-husband has some health issues. Would I go see him if he were dying? I do not know. If he wanted me to, I would. I do think that I would be at the funeral for the sake of my children. I guess I would do whatever I could to help both my ex and my kids.

thanks for your comment. I think you nailed it, you would do whatever you could to help both your ex and your kids. That is all we can ever do

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