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Water Is The Way

Category : Health

Has your divorce got your feeling on edge? Are you irritable? Do you feel tense? Do you have low energy? Sure your divorce can take it’s toll on you, but it just might not be only the divorce. New tests show that dehydration can affect someone’s mood.

A research study (published in the Journal of Nutrition) on young women found that a mild state of dehydration was associated with degraded mood, increased perception of task difficulty, and headache symptoms. Interestingly, most aspects of cognitive performance was not affected.Another study with young men (published in the British Journal of Nutrition) found that mild dehydration increased fatigue and tension/anxiety. It also induced adverse changes in vigilance and working memory.

 It is recommended that you drink eight, 8-ounce glasses of water a day. So while you’re on the phone with your divorce attorney, make sure you have a glass of water with you. No need to be angry twice!

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