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Spring Clean Your Life

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Spring has arrived, so have you begun “spring cleaning” yet? Sometimes, cleaning isn’t just washing down the outdoor patio furniture and setting it up. It can be an emotional cleaning and a clearing out of some of the people in your life. After a divorce, it’s a time to think out with the old and  in with the new — a new way of life, a new mind-set and a new beginning in more ways than one!

Below are some ways for divorcee’s to spring clean for a new season and a new life!

*Rid Your Life of Negativity: I try to make it a policy to  move away from negative people. They will only bring you down. You’re going up, up and up!

*Clean Your Diet: Try to do a spring cleaning of your diet. Lots of green vegetables are key to staying young and energetic. Eat healthier today.

*Early to Bed, Early to Rise: You will be more productive if you get more out of your day. If you’re a late night person, switch to being an early morning one. You will feel better and make more things happen.

*Clean Your Habits: If you have any bad habits left over from your marriage give them a spring cleaning! Spending too much money at the mall? Not recycling enough? Smoking still after the divorce? Try your best to move forward in a new way and recognizing the things that need adjustments is an imporant step.

*Focus On Your Future: Spring clean your goals and write down new ones, setting them in motion for the future you deserve!

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Get rid of all the stuff you haven’t used in the last few years. Don’t get “trapped” by your possessions (aka trappings!) Getting rid of the old can make room for the new…or just simpler life…

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