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“Start Over Smart”

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I attended the “Start over Smart” Expo last weekend.  It was held in Manhattan and had lots of booths set up, which related to dealing with divorce.  There were many speakers at the event who were experts in finance, mediation, coaching, sex and relationships, as well as experts offering helpful info for children dealing with divorce.  It was truly an inspiring event.  It showed that if you’re divorced or heading through one, you’re not alone.  The booths were manned by helpful and concerned people.  I came across so much good information, which I will be sharing with you.

One of the best and most interesting booths, was the one manned by The Huffington Post.  They had a kiosk that took your picuture and recorded your answer to the question, “When did I actually know” that divorce was ineviatable.

People who responded said it was most cathartic.  Anyone want to respond here? Would love to hear your answers. I wrote an article for SheKnows about mine. You can read it by clicking here.

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good post
you can mention the japanese tv interview.
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