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Another Go?

Category : Break-Up

What happens when you want to see your ex again romantically and you have children? This is something every divorce couple needs to think about if they want to give it another chance. 

I think there is a definite need to make sure that your relationship can work again before you bring up getting back together to the children. There’s no need for a false alarm or to  have them get used to mom and dad back together again for it not to work out a second time. It’s not fair to them as well as not fair to yourselves. You will have lots of explaining to do to your children, friends and family that is not necessary. It’s not about being secretive as it is about being more  protective of your children’s feelings.  This can quickly turn out to be a confusing situation if the relationship ends again. Just like us, children are creatures of habit who work well with routine. If you have been broken up for a while they might even be used it now.  To go back to the way it was before, you should   be almost 100% sure that this could work a second time. So meet up with your husband for lunch during the day. Or one of you get a babysitter and meet up for a cocktail at night. Take the time for the children and yourselves to make sure this is the right move. 

Have you every gotten back with an ex after a divorce?

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