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Divorce Party Favors

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Divorce parties are one of the most popular things going right now.  Sure someone gets divorced in the process, but why not have a touch of fun and humor when it’s all overwith!  This is a FABULOUS way to just let go of all of the stress and tension and kick off the start to your new life. 

A great added joy (besides you getting rid of your ex) for all of the guests at your divorce party is the divorce party favor.  This is chance where you can get really creative and have a few laughs with your friends by your side.  I have been looking around at party favors and while the Absolute Vodka is absolutely essential for those tasty cosmos, there are some other goodies that can certainly help set the tone in a humorous way.  The party favor above “Happy Trails: Dirty Bastard Lip Balm” is great for a couple of reasons.  First, your friends are going to laugh . Second, you can keep your lips nice and moist to kiss that new special someone in your new life.  So rub some on, pucker up and say goodbye to your old life and a big hello to your new one.  No kissing and making up with your ex.  Kiss him off!  Pucker up and prepare to move ahead!!

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As we all know, humor can truly aid the healing process!

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