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Three Places Where It Is Till Death Do Us Part

Category : Global Divorce, Global Marriage, Happiness

Sometime people get married, trying very hard to make it work and it just doesn’t.  They try therapy.  They try a vacation together.  They try everything they can!  In the end, the couple both realized it’s best to move on.  This seems like a normal scenario in America.  Imagine being in a country where this isn’t a possiblity.  There are three places in the world where divorce is actually illegal.  Yes, ILLEGAL.  Those places are Malta, The Philippines and the Vatican City.   

I can’t imagine what anyone would do under those circumstances.  In those three places it  truly is ”till death do us part!” I assume that one would make sure they are REALLY right for their partner before they go down the aisle.  There are no drunk nights and getting married by mistake like in Vegas.  Sure this kind of lifestyle would cut down on divorce, but nobody deserves to continue to be unhappy if they have a choice.  This isn’t robbing a bank…it’s getting divorced!  Sure people leave marriages too quickly in our society.  But I think most everybody would find it extremely difficult to live as an adult in a society without the option.  What is worse? Going to jail for divorce or being forced to stay in a terrible marriage, which can feel like jail? Is there a divorce jail in those countries?  Should divorce be legal everywhere in the world?

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A more important issue is the lack of equal rights for millions of women in repressive countries.

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