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Time To Face Facebook

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Imagine being forced by a judge to apologize to your entranged wife or husband on Facebook every day for a month. That’s what happened to Mark Byron to avoid going to jail for 60 days for voilating a protection order. 

Byron says it was his frustration over his upcoming divorce and child visitation that drove him to post comments on his Facebook page back at the end of 2011. His wife was blocked from his Facebook page, but saw a picture and read comments from friends regardless. Court documents allege Byron’s comments were intended to be mentally abusive, harassing and annoying.

“I just went on Facebook to vent,” Byron said. “I liken it to having a drink in a bar with a friend and telling them how I feel. It’s just that on Facebook you do it on a much larger scale and people that are interested in talking to me about it can say something and those who are not interested ignore it.”

The judge ruled the facebook comments violated a civil protection order against him. Do you feel this is a voilation of Freedom of speech? Will this change the way social media will be used during a divorce?

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good post

It’s perfectly clear why she divorced him! Most women prefer to be married to a grown up….

Interesting that he picked Face Book, with a huge public access, to ‘vent’! He should have’vented’ to a friend in a bar – much more appropriate

It’s still going. I particularly like this story, which half-way thuorgh even references the fact that the website has covered another AAML release (hint: it’s the same one) some time previously. The good news is that the Wall Street Journal’s Carl Bialik has picked up the myth on his Numbers Guy blog, here, and in print. Another good round-up of the nonsense and its sources has been posted here.

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