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Balancing Act

Category : A New You, Moving On

Balancing your new life after a divorce is so important. When you’re going through the divorce, you’re  usually about as balanced as an earthquake.  However, when you get past it all, you need to put your best foot forward and try not to fall because life can certainly be a high wire act!

Many people complain that their marriage didn’t have the right balance to it. That their relationship became about business instead of remaining a mixture of both work and love.  That both spouses were all about the kids and they never spent time with just each other.  That one spouse was working all of the time and the other one was home waiting. Life isn’t easy and balance is often a difficult thing to maintain.  I try every day to balance it all and it’s never an easy task.  I suggest creating more balance in your life.

If you’re still married, then you definitely need to focus on balance. If you’re divorced and starting a new life, try your very best to balance all that is new and being put in front of you. 

*Balance your role as single mother and single woman on the dating scene. 

*Balance being a working professional and someone who also likes to have a good time.

*Balance driving the children to soccer practice and getting some “me” time.

*Balance your family life and your life with your closest friends.

*Balance a healthy diet with letting go once in a while.

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