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Touchdown For Divorce Attorneys

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I am not a huge football fan, but I couldn’t help take notice of some statistics that would make anybody surprised.  No these statistics are not touch downs and interceptions by your favorite players.  These stats are about divorce in the NFL.  It was reported that 60 to 80% of NFL football players marriages will end.

New York Jet James Dearth said, “What football players go through in their careers can affect their marriages. They endure more physical pain than most other professional athletes. They play an aggressive game with non-guaranteed contracts and have the shortest average career in sports.”

It seems that their sports celebrity status offers them distractions that other men in different careers may not face.  These players are young and thrown into a career with a lot of pressure and fame.  Also, with constant traveling to other cities comes female groupies.  They say the retirement process is just as hard for the players.  Another staggering statistic was that within just two years of retirement 78% of players in the NFL end up jobless, bankrupt or divorced.  I hope these stats change and the players look at the big picture.  They have a unique talent and opportunity and they need to use it to help themselves, their family and others.

What can these athletes and celebrities do to change this?

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Consider their partners as total equals in the marriage and act like caring and capable adults ALL the time! Good luck, right!

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