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Celebrity Marriages Have A Shorter Shelf Life

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It seems that since 2012 started there has been an onslaught in the media of high profile celebrity divorces.  Heidi Klum & Seal and Katy Perry & Russell Brand as well as rumors surfacing about a slew of others, the year has just begun and divorce lawyers seem very busy in Tinseltown. What is the sudden rush by so many to get divorced? Are celeb couples looking to start to the new year as a single person?

Sure there have always been a lot of divorces in Hollywood, but it seems like there are so many more as of late. It got me wondering what the current divorce rate is with celebrity couples.  While it’s just over 50% in the America right now, I assumed it was a bit more for star couples specifically. Well, I found out the numbers and the results are staggering.   “The divorce rate among celebrities may be as high as 80 percent,” said celebrity divorce lawyer Raul Felder.  Is it the temptations that go along with fame?  Do celebs get married for image rather than love? I can’t imagine what it must be like to be the children of celebrities with divorce being at such a high percentage.  

With marriages in Hollywood currently standing at a 20% chance of surviving, would you still get married if you were a celebrity?

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Would depend entirely on the situation and the person.

Makes me think…if a celebrity can’t keep a marriage strong. How can I?

Celebrities are undoubtedly very self-focused people. It’s probably harder to accommodate the needs of others.

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