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Moving On, But Not Out

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If you been through a divorce and decided to keep and live in the marital residence, it’s often not easy at first. Many can’t afford a complete home makeover and feel a bit uncomfortable in the same house now that they are alone. It’s important to change things around a bit and there are lots of ways that don’t cost any money.

You have rearranged your life by getting a divorce, so it would be great to rearrange your furniture as well! It’s a simple, cost-effective and positive way to get some new atmosphere going in your dwelling. Moving things from one room to another and switching the position of the couch and the television can really do a lot to make you feel like the home is yours and you’re moving on.

The folks over at had some great tips for rearranging your furniture:

Have a friend help. It makes moving heavy pieces a lot easier, it provides you with a second opinion, and it gives you the energy to keep going.

Map out ideas with a sketch or a free online program (like this Arrange-a-Room planer).

Have a plan, but don’t be afraid to change it. We never know what something’s going to look like until we see it in place.

Use your largest pieces as anchors for the space. Move sofas, large tables, and large storage pieces first and rearrange your smaller furniture around them.

Clear out space. If an arrangement isn’t working, try removing one or two pieces of furniture. Many people have too much furniture, and by taking a big item out of the equation you can open up a whole new set of possibilities.

Don’t be afraid of empty space. If you really need a new piece to make your furniture arrangement work, leave that space empty for a little while, and take some time to find the right item.

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This sounds like a good idea to do every once in awhile whether it is motivated by a divorce or not!

Freshening up one’s environment is always uplifting.

Adding one new thing that you love — and that your ex might have always rejected–can be very satisfying. It can be a work of art, a special chair that fits you perfectly, or a lot of plants!! You’ll feel good everytime you look at your personal addition.

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