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Running Into Your Ex

Category : Break-Up, Ex-Spouse

There is a lot of divorce in hollywood.  And Hollywood is also a small town, especially during awards season.  A probably uncomfortable encounter happened over the weekend.  At the CAA party it was reported by People Magazine that “Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore found themselves just feet away from each other Friday at the CAA/Grey Goose Pre-Golden Globes bash at Soho House.”  Kutcher even chatted with her daughter Rumer Willis.  Are things on pleasant terms?  Or is it just business as usual?

Whether you’re at a swanky Hollywood party or at the grocery store (I’d probably choose the party), it’s never easy running into an ex-husband or ex-wife. How do you approach them? What do you talk about? Depending on how long has passed can ease the awkwardness. In this case, Demi and Ashton files in November, which is pretty fresh. What if you have children together? Then, you have probably been in contact. Ashton and Demi don’t have any children together. What if you have a business together still? They may have had business dealings, but that can be settled and buy each other out.  Regardless, keeping things civil is the way to go. If it’s at the grocery store may ask your ex if they saw any good sales there?  Hey, you may both be on a budget, right? Just take a deep breath, act natural and be glad you been doing pilates three times a week since the divorce (eat your heart out)!

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The marriage is OVER! Always try to take the high road!

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