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Friends Who Don’t Pick Sides

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My ex-husband and I were friends with a married couple for a long time.  We got divorced and they didn’t.  In fact, they are still married till this day! Even though I got remarried and, so did my ex, we both amazingly stayed friends with this married couple.  My husband and I go out to dinner with them.  My ex-husband and his wife go out to dinner with them.  This is a great example of friends who do not pick sides after a divorce. 

Depending on how bad the break-up was, friends tend to feel awkward staying friends with both exes.  When you bring new spouses into the mix, it can get even more awkward.  Friends will tend to pick sides at that moment, probably because it’s easiest and less complicated.  However, some people, like my friends, go with their heart.  They care for both of us and they want to see both of us, so they do!  Remember, sometimes life is as complicated as we make it. 

What do you think about friend’s picking sides once the divorce happens?

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I know a few people who have managed to remain friends with both parties, but it can be very difficult. In one case, we tried to remain friends with both, but the ex-wife was so vitriolic (without just cause) that she refused to be friends with anyone who was friends with him. People like that are the poorer for it.

I’m sure it’s during and after a divorce that true friends are needed more than ever. Also, it’s important for any children involved to know that good friends are there for you in tough times – not just the good times!

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