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Be More Mindful in 2012

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One of the most worthwhile books of 2011, is Goldie Hawn’s 10 Mindful Minutes: Giving Our Children – and Ourselves – the Social and Emotional Skills to Reduce Stress and Anxiety for Healthier, Happier Lives. Hawn took a step away from acting to focus on  The Hawn Foundation, where her mission statement is, “Our mission is to help young minds by nurturing  resilience, hope, and optimism.” With things moving so quickly more than ever these days, Hawn shows us ways to refocus our energy. In the book, the 66 year old actress – who looks amazing, by the way – offers her insights on how our thoughts and emotions affect everything else, including our focus and stress levels. She has a scientific approach that is not preachy, but enlightening. Hawn shares an important message for all of us and our children in this book. Pick it up because it’s a great read to start the new year.

Here is the book description:

Across the country, the revolutionary MindUP program, which was developed under the auspices of the Hawn Foundation, established by Goldie Hawn, is teaching children vital social and emotional skills. By understanding how their brains work, children discover where their emotions come from and become more self-aware. They learn to appreciate the sensory aspects of their lives and to value the positive effects of mindfulness, compassion, and kindness. This, in turn, empowers them to manage and reduce their own stress-and helps them be happy.

Those who have seen the remarkable effects of this program have been eager to learn how to implement it in their own homes and use its practices for themselves, too. Now, for the first time, its secrets are being shared with all parents and children in 10 Mindful Minutes.

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