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Embracing Your Divorce Over The Holidays

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I’m very happy and proud to say that my first article for the divorce section of The Huffington Post was posted today! It’s entitled, ’Tis The Season To Enjoy Your Divorce, and I discuss the ways you can embrace this time of year as a newly single woman. Please feel free to comment on the Huffington Post site. I would deeply appreciate your support. And I want to take a moment to say that I deeply appreciate the support you have given me all year! To read my article click here.

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What a helpful wonderful article! Congratulations!

Congrats! Nice job

Marriage is between two and it is no ones busniess how you and your husband handle what you are going through right now. If it was the right decision for the two of you, then it was the right decision for right now.

Great (info|posts) here, i have been looking for a (website|forum} like this for advice for (singles|single people}

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