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You Have Done It

Category : Holidays

Well, you are now halfway there.  You made it though the holidays and what I like to call the “fatal four” for new divorcees.  You weathered Thanksgiving, you slid through Christmas, Hanukkah or Quanza, and now all you have left is New Year’s and Valentine’s Day.  Then it’s smooth sailing from there. Well, more like an on the emotional ice rink.

Give your self some kuddos for making it through the first two holidays. It may not have gone completely smooth. The turkey may have been a bit overcooked, but who cares? It’s the start of the holidays as a single woman and you did it! Now it’s time to use the positive energy that you have created to help you gear up for the next two. New Year’s is this weekend, so get ready because it marks the beginning of the new year as well as your new life and you are not looking back!

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