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Divorce Day Holiday Challenge #5

Category : Holidays

The holidays are coming closer and closer, so that brings us to Divorce Day Holiday Challenge #5! You will undoubtedly have to do some holiday food shopping for the family this year. In the past, you probably went with your husband to Costco to grab all of the goodies. Lots of big boxes and bargains filled your cart. This challenge is about doing the shopping all on your own.

Head over to Costco and pick up whatever you need. You can get whatever your heart desires there. You could literally furnish a house and feed a village all in one shopping experience. You can get holiday toys, food, cards, wrapping paper, drinks, appetizers and the list goes on and one. Now I know it’s a huge place and it can be taxing, but dig in and do it. Lugging the items into the car and loading them up. Taking many trips to get all of the bags and boxes into your home from the cold. Packing them into the fridge and the cabinets.  The bright side is that there are no bags to clean up, but there are boxes to break down. Phew, you did it! While you’re catching your breath, you might be wondering what this challenge was about besides exhausting you. It’s about doing things by yourself once again. Making this holiday happen on your own for the children is a sign to them as well as yourself that you can do this and make it special. You are strong enough to make things the way they were on holidays for the kids before you got divorced. Relax with a glass of white wine when this is challenge is complete. I know that bag of coal that you’re giving to your ex was heavy! Seriously, take a moment to smell the roses — rather, the poinsettia – because you deserve it!

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How about going to Costco with a single friend? She (or he) can help with the schlepping and share the costs by dividing up the large quantity items. Sort of like a co-op!
Probably a lot more fun, too!


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