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Divorce Day Holiday Challenge #4

Category : Holidays


Putting up a Christmas tree the first time after a divorce is always an interesting experience. If the divorcee doesn’t have kids, she’ll tend to leave the holidays by the wayside. Well, don’t be a sap (no pun intended). Your Divorce Day Holiday Challenge #3 is to take tree trimming head-on!

The first step is getting a tree. Don’t do a fake one (it will remind you of your ex). You’re keeping it real, so your tree should be no exception. After you pick out a tree that’s full and fresh (just like your new life) it’s time to dress it up. When you break out the ornaments it might bring on a rush of emotions. Some you may have gotten together during your relationship. Try not to put those on the tree. Instead, I suggest buying a few new inexpensive ones to mark the beginning of your new holiday journey. If you have children, you can all try to make some homemade ornaments. There are a lot of fun sites on the Internet that offer instructions. Put on some holiday music and really get into it! Next, break out the stockings. When you come across your ex’s, it may upset you when you see it. Don’t let it. Instead put it to good use as firewood. Just toss it in the fire and toast a marshmellow over it. Don’t you love the holidays?!

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