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Fear Of Being Alone

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Girl Bed Alone Thoughts

How do you know when you are staying in a relationship because you are afraid to leave and/or fear being alone?

I often see people in long-term relationships – including marriages – that are just not happy nor have they been for ages. It’s as if they have given up on life and just accepted being unhappy as their fate. People often stay together even though their needs are not being met. Maybe they think things will change. Maybe they think they won’t find anyone better. Or, maybe they are afraid to leave. I wonder if they are afraid that they will be alone forever. I fear they would rather settle, than allow themselves to be the person that they really could be, if they give themselves a chance.

If you have been in a relationship for a long time, it can be daunting and scary to get the courage to  leave and then be alone. While it’s an adjustment at first, you will get used to it in time. If you were married for many years, divorce is really difficult. But marriage is not a jail sentence. You don’t have to stay in it if you are miserable. Often you see married couples that have absolutely no interest in each other. They never spend alone time together, and if they have to, they don’t enjoy it.  They don’t really seem to like each other, and probably haven’t for a long time

Many people even live together for many  years, they keep saying they are going to get married, but never do.  They change wedding dates more often than the weather, continually postponing the event.  Are they not really sure of the person they are living with?  Do they fear being alone?  Do they fear they will never find anyone else? Or, are they biding time hoping that their soulmate will still come along?

While breakup and/or divorce is never easy, isn’t it easier than being in an unsatisfying relationship?  How long do you give a relationship before you finalize it or move on?  How long do you give an unhappy marriage before you divorce or move on?

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The sooner you acknowledge a bad relationship, the sooner you can free yourself to find a good one; good article!

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