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The Things People Say (And Shouldn’t)

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A reader sent me a really funny article.  I was so happy that she shared it with me and I wanted to share it with you! It’s about the 10 things that you should NEVER ever say to a divorcee. We all want to be a friend to a friend in need, but sometimes people say things they really shouldn’t. This article was posted on the adorable and informative site Cafe Mom.

1. “Didn’t you see this coming from the beginning?” Busted! I glimpsed into the future and saw disaster and ruination but planned an entire life with him anyway because I enjoy a good crushing life-blow. Next time around, a little heads-up?

2. “I always hated [insert scorned spouse’s name here].” Do you mean you always hated the man who I thought I would love forever and said so in front of everyone I knew on the best day of my life? Gee, thanks. (If you chose to procreate with scorned spouse, this statement is 168 times more offensive.)

3. “OMG. Do you think I’ll get divorced, too?” The good news for you is that divorce is not contagious. The bad news is you may get divorced for being so damn insensitive and self-centered.

For the complete list and some more laughs click here.

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In times of crises, including a divorce, the most important thing we can all do as a good friend is just be there and really listen!

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