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Inner Voice

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When we are going through a divorce, we turn to others for advice. Through our daily travels we ask the butcher, baker and candlestick maker (hair stylist, esthetician and personal trainer), their advice about us moving on. It’s like each one of them are a captive audience to vent our frustrations.

If you are thinking about getting a divorce, you can be clouded by indecision when you are trying to come to a final decision. If you have children with your spouse it can definitely add to difficulty. While we turn to others for advice, many times we have the answers to some of these important questions and issues ourselves.

We all have an inner voice.  Your inner voice is that girlfriend or best buddy in our heads that talks to us.  Not voices talking to you.  (That’s a whole different problem.)  This is that sensible side of us that let’s off a red light when something feels wrong and a green light when it feels right.  The inner voice and our gut are connected. They both get that sixth sense.  However, sometimes it is hard to hear our own inner voice.  It’s not so much from noise as it is from the distractions that life presents us, especially during the time of a divorce. If something is bothering you and you’re trying to find some answers, take a moment alone to listen to your inner voice.  Head out for a long walk.  Take a drive to the beach. Sit under a tree in the park. It’s these times alone that let us decompress and gather our thoughts when some of the most important issues get resolved. And your inner voice will start talking and you will be able to listen.

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advice that’s appreciated

Yes, the inner voice is important to listen to.

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