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Host A Ladies Night

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Single girls.  Married girls. Come one. Come all! There’s nothing like letting off some steam with the ladies and hosting an at-home ladies night once every two weeks. This is sure to keep the spirits running high and the laughter abound after a divorce!

Historically, the fellas have been doing this for what seems like forever.  Whether it’s smoking some stogies on poker nights or fantasy football draft, the boys like to get together often.  The ladies need to take the lead on this too and make a night that’s all about the girls!  You can have a movie night with the ladies.  Or, a find a TV show that you and your friends love and have a night that revolves around that. If you rather chat the night away and add some girly pizazz, host at-home mani-pedi’s with someone from your local salon coming over and offering everyone a fab polish.  You could even have a wine tasting at the house with all the girls.

You may even feel like you are back in junior high and hosting a sleep over.  Trust me, you need this! Laughter heals all and this is the kind of fun you should be having after a divorce. So start texting, calling and organizing an evening to remember!

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I agree that having close women friends is mandatory to be able to sustain one’s mental health!

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