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Is The Cougar Craze Coming To A Close?

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Are cougars putting away their claws? It’s interesting to see how a few years ago cougars were all the rage…rather, all the ROAR! Women  were looking for the carefree and adventurous fun that a younger man offered them. Over the past year, it’s looking like those relationships in Hollywood that had the media in a frenzy seem to have run their course.

Most recently, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher seem to be headed towards divorce. Of course, you can’t believe everything you read (except here of course…lol), but it certainly appears that they are close to ending it. Halle Berry broke up with her model ex Gabriel Aubry and she seems quite happy in the arms of actor Olivier Martinez. They are the same age, by the way.

Do you think that these cougar relationships between two people that are so far apart  in age can ultimately work?  Are they just a fling or could they last forever? Let’s hear your thoughts.

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Hard to say. I don’t think it’s impossible.

Good question. While ancient men have had teenage wives for centuries (statu symbol), the “December” woman +” May” man IN THE U.S. is singled out as a “cougar craze.” In other countries, older women are valued and have younger lovers. In this country where youth is valued above all else, such relationships between older women and younger men especially in marriage, are risky. No one expects older men-younger women to have real relationships– our books and movies are filled with them as jokes– but we are startled to learn that an older woman would actually attract a younger man because men typically make more money than women do. That said… I know of several December-May relationships where the woman is 15 years older and they are stronger than same-age ones.

Tzaddi great answer.

Let’s hope that the Cougar Craze is dying. Cougar is a stereotype, plain and simple. Many consider it insulting and demeaning to both men and women, because it invokes a predatory animal to describe older women, while suggesting that the men they “hunt” are vulnerable prey — playing no part whatsoever in deciding who they go to bed with. The cougar is sexually voracious but hardly sensual or desirable, and the objects of her attention are manipulated or coerced into bed rather than grown men with passion and minds of their own. The use of the term is a gross reflection of narrow, one-dimensional thinking about the sexuality of older women, and the men who adore them.

The biggest problem associated with the “cougar craze” may be that it takes an age-old union or dating dynamic and passes it off as a new phenomenon. This is pure reductionism. Older women and younger men have been getting together for centuries. As a result of all the marketing hype, we are led to believe that this long-standing tradition is a trend; a fashionable expression of feminism that supposedly portrays women in power. It is a shame. Everyone loses.

I am the conceptual founder of a dating site, SeptemberMay, that when launched, will celebrate the authentic older woman; the “seasoned” woman as she really is: experienced, and much wiser and more sensual than her younger self. She need not wear short skirts and expose bursting cleavage in an effort to look like someone half her age; indeed, our research shows that there is a significant population of men out there who “get” it.

The union of an older woman and younger man is not a conventional one, and it need not be bound by conventional expectations of marriage or having children. Nonetheless, relationships of this nature are still capable of enormous substance, regardless of the form and duration.


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