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It’s About Respect

Category : Celebrity, Television

It’s always a shame after a couple’s divorce is finalized– whether, they are famous or not — when they start talking about the reasons why it didn’t work in a negative fashion.  At that point, what’s the point?

During an interview with Piers Morgan this past Monday, actor Kelsey Grammer said his ex-wife Camille was just interested in his status as Frasier and not him as Kelsey the person.  “I think she married me because I was ‘Frasier,’” he boldly said.

Why was Kelsey interested in Camille?  It had nothing to do with the fact that she was a beautiful, young, former Playboy model?  For both of them, I am sure these factors played out in their initial attraction.  But one would assume and hope that they loved and respected each other as human beings at some point in their marriage.  They had beautiful children together and Kelsey needs to focus on the positives.  In fact, Kelsey should keep quiet for the sake of his children because Camille is, and will always be, their mother.  At this point in their lives, it’s about respect.


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You hit the nail right on the head here

The children should come first.

I couldn’t agree more.
It also sounds a little like the pot calling the kettle black.

How classless. He should keep their relationship problems where it belongs and that is between them

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