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The WE In HalloWEen

Category : Holidays

Halloween is a great holiday for a recent divorcee and her divorced friends to implement their single mind-set. No sure how? If you are not used to being alone, life can be a bit scary, especially on Halloween.  A great way to put yourself through the ultimate Halloween test as a newly single woman is with a scary movie night.  Muahhhhhh! You spent years grabbing your husband’s arm while watching scary movies. Sorry, but he wasn’t going to protect you from Freddy Kruger, Michael Myers or good ol’ Jason (especially when he fell asleep during almost every movie).  To be honest, Freddy is not that scary. He just needs a good manicure.

Get together with your divorced friends and do a movie night at your house on Halloween Eve. Pick two REALLY scary films and watch them together.  Scream, shriek and have fun together!  You will survive the film without grabbing onto your ex. Remember, it’s a metaphor for what lies ahead in life.  Sometimes, it’s scary but you will make it through no matter what.

Get together with your girlfriends and put the WE in HalloWEen this year! To see a list of great movies to choose from click here.

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Great idea!!


Love me a scary movie!!

Good article and movie list

I really like this concept!

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