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Olivia Wilde Opens Up About Divorce

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Actress Olivia Wilde is in the new issue of Allure talking divorce.  She married at just 18 years old and ended her marriage after nine years, “I got married at a very young age,” she explains, “so I sort of jumped into a stage of adulthood prematurely.  I learned quite a lot.”  While she gained knowledge over that time, she also reveals that she gained some weight.  “I gained a lot of weight after my divorce,” Wilde says in the October 2011 issue of Allure.  “And there was this sense of, ‘Wait, hold on. You don’t look like you did before. Are you going to be up for the same roles?’

Wilde stays fit by doing karate, yoga, running and spinning, and the media has taken notice. She was recently voted one of the Best Summer Bodies of 2011. So after you eat the divorce cake, curb the sweets and stick to healthy fruits and vegetables.  There is no more need for cookie dough ice cream. If you’re not up for karate like Olivia, you can take long walks which are great for the bod and the mind. Before long you will be married to your new workout as it’s one of the best ways to stay focused after a divorce.

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It is always important to take care of your body – and therefore your health. It doesn’t matter if you’re married, single, young or old! You only get one body and obviously one life!!

Good advice!

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