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Sayonara To Your Marriage

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I have spent lots of time in Japan and enjoy the country very much, especially the food.  A new custom with divorce has arisen that has certainly peaked my interest. 

It seems that the Japanese have entered the divorce party game.  There is a special divorce planner who will create a ceremony for not just you, but your ex-spouse.  Yes, you will be having the divorce party together.  The Japanese are known to be more polite than were are, so maybe this is a more timid affair. 

The New York Times has written an interesting article covering it all entitled, “Untying the Knot In Japan.”  They detail one party, “held in what Terai [divorce party planner] calls his House of Divorce: an abandoned old residence with no power, no plumbing and peeling paint. “It’s a building which represents a husband and wife’s relationship — about to collapse.”  I don’t know about you, but I am more partial to a suite at the Beverly Hills Hotel and a cosmo, but to each is own.  Next up, the ceremonial ring smashing.   ”Terai brought out a large hammer with a head shaped like a frog and placed Atsuko’s wedding ring on a table. He instructed them to hold the hammer together and pound down on the band at the count of three. The first blow knocked the ring onto the ground, where Terai scoured the cement floor with the aid of a tea candle. The second attempt was a success, squashing the ring into an oblong shape. Terai showed it to Atsuko’s friend, who nodded her satisfaction.”  What, they don’t have pawn shops in Japan?  I have to say that they have an interesting way of doing divorce in Japan.

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I believe that frogs are the symbol of good luck and also fertility in the Japanese culture. That may explain the use of a frog hammer!

I say, use whatever works to move on…

When that frog hammer hits the ring you’re “leaping” into your new life.

I need to get over there and introduce them to B.I.G Divorce Parties lol

Love it! everybody is getting into this divorce party action

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