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Up The Aisle

Category : Divorce Day, Divorce Ritual

At a recent divorce party, I incorporated one of my favorite Divorce Rituals entitled, “Up The Aisle” (pictured above). We all remember the walk we made down the aisle on our wedding day. It was an important first step in entering a brand new life.  Now that you’re ending your marriage, I propose (no pun intended) taking a walk down the aisle again. But this time go backwards!

This ritual is like hitting the rewind button on the movie of your married life.  You are going backwards from your old life, moving forward into your new one!  It’s time to ceremoniously undo the marriage and close that door behind you.  If you got married in a church, go back to where it all began and end it once and for all. Or, you can simply set-up an aisle in your living room or in your back yard. The point of this ritual isn’t the location that you choose. It’s about healing and moving on. Wherever you do this healing ritual, it’s sure to be a therapeutic stroll up the aisle the second time around. Also, this time you won’t have all that rice stuck in your hair or have to avoid tripping on the train of your wedding dress. Things are looking up already!

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love the concept!!

I’m sure this is therapeutic!

Walk it off girl! Love the shoes by the way :)

What a great idea! Go backwards to go forward. Very positive.

I think this is a very cool thing to do! Maybe I should do the Moonwalk when i go backwards?

It has been proven that physical experiences help reinforce changes in thought processes.

Divorce party sounds like sooooo much fun.

I love it Lois…..en francais, c’est une “seulabration”!!(celebrating your singleness).

Tres bonne

This is just too cute. Loving it. Thanks!

Everybody needs to do this! It’ll be like the marriage never happened (minus the alimony payments of course).

UGH! Too much trouble. Just keep going forward with a better attitude and do not look back.

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