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The Divorce Day Cut

Category : Beauty, Healing

Once you say goodbye to your marriage, it might also be time to say goodbye to your old hairstyle. Something new and a relaxing afternoon of some pampering at your favorite salon will certainly help cure the breakup blues.

If you are looking to get a “divorce day cut,” now is the perfect time. Summer is going to be over in a few weeks and Fall will be upon us. Heading into a new season with a new style is always good timing for any daring cut. One divorce cut that is has made a comeback and seems here to stay is the bob. Now, if you divorced a guy named Bob and it hits too close to home then I understand if you pass on it. But for the rest of you, it is a classic yet trendy style to go for!

Is a bob cut good for you? It shows off your jaw line and neck, so take that into consideration. You can go longer or shorter with it depending on your features and what look you want to go for. Here’s a few options below.

Whatever hairstyle you decide to choose, just treat yourself to a new divorce day cut! You deserve it.

Jennifer Aniston’s Shoulder Length Bob










Ellen Barkin’s Short Bob










Keira Knightley’s Messy Bob

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What a terrific idea!

Also, why not try a new look to your makeup! Make an appointment at your favorite department store makeup line and VOW to purchase only a few new items that really add to a new look.

A new hairdo and updated makeup will give you a new lease on life.

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