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A Not-So Jolly Divorce In Jolly Ol’ England

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Divorce can be just as nasty on the other side of the pond. Sir Nicholas Mostyn, a former powerful divorce attorney and now a well-known judge in England and Wales, says to have gotten an order to stop his wife Lucy from speaking in the press about their break-up. Nicholas left Lucy for another woman and she wants to speak her mind. She has not backed down and proclaimed to her friends that is was “pathetic bullying.”

The even more interesting part is that Sir Nicholas Mostyn’s lawyers are refusing to say which court granted the order, or give any detail of its terms. Nicholas, 54, is no stranger to prolific divorces, with past clients such as Sir Paul McCartney. In fact, he has the nickname Mr Payout because of the large sums he won for many wives over the years.

This got me thinking about the divorce rate in England. Interestingly, the divorce rate in England and Wales have fallen to their lowest in 32 years, detailed in recent statistics by the Office of National Statistics. Hmmm, maybe men are were afraid of having their wives represented by “Mr. Payout?”

Nobody likes being on the other side of the fence, especially a divorce attorney as powerful as Nicholas. Do you think Lucy has a right to speak her mind? Will it help her or hurt her in court?

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I don’t think it can hurt her much. If she doesn’t speak out now, he’ll remain in total control. She needs to expose how he is using his power to impinge on her rights. And, he clearly knows all the nuances of divorce law.

what about freedom of speech…hello!!!!!! guess not in england

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