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Still Cooking Up Between Brinkley and Cook

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Will Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook’s ties ever be cut? They finalized their divorce a year ago, but that doesn’t seem to stop the former couple from going to court like I go to Starbucks.

Most recently in court, Cook and his attorneys claim that Brinkley is attempting to sabotage the father’s relationship with his children. He claims that Brinkley refused to turn over son Jack’s passport in a timely fashion, which caused him to miss a school trip to Israel that was supposed to be chaperoned by Cook.

“She is doing everything she can to ruin my relationship with my kids … I am trying to move on with my life and I wish she would do the same,” Cook said.

With these allegations and other violations that Cook is claiming, Brinkley’s lawyer Peter Caronia calls Cook’s claims “without merit and totally disingenuous,” saying that Brinkley was late in handing the passport over because of the death of a friend’s mother and Cook’s refusal to pick it up himself.

He said, she said and lawyers said! Just make it work for the kids already. Isn’t that all that matters at the end of the day? What do you think?

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Just cook Cook’s goose Christie

Post-divorce counseling for the sake of the kids might be a new niche for shrinks! Perhaps judges could order it for these kinds of nasty, bitter divorces….

I feel sorry for the kids.

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