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Do You Give Back The Ring?

Category : Break-Up, Engagement Rings


When a couple breaks off an engagement, what happens to the ring?  Does the woman give it back to the guy if she is the one who breaks up with him?  Or, what if he breaks it off with her?  Does she keep the ring out of spite?  What if the ring is his great great great (I’ll stop there) grandmother’s and its been in his family for ions.  Does the woman show compassion and hand it over, or does she hand it to the pawn broker, instead? 

This may be a moral dilemma.  I assume it depends on how they broke up.  If he cheated and was caught, then she may feel entitled to keep the ring.  Or, maybe her giving it back to him is good karma.  I suggest giving the ring to his mother and telling her what he did.  Then, go to the nearest pawn shop together sell it and hit up Neiman Marcus.  Just an idea.  What do you all think?  What would you do with the ring?

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up to the woman, especially if the guy cheated. then all bets are off!!!!!!!

I never got an engagement ring, so I never had the problem!

There is no right answer. However, it is best to rid oneself of any items that are constant reminders of bad and/or negative memories…..

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