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Billy Crystal is Funny…Really Funny!

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I was just watching the old movie “Forget Paris” (can’t believe I am referring to a movie in the ’90s as old) and Debra Winger gets visited by a mouse.  An exterminator suggests some glue traps and, well, she leaves the door open and a bird flys in and gets attached to it.  She rushes in her car to the vet with the pigeon stuck on the trap.  The bird gets startled, starts flying around the car and gets stuck the side of her head.  And you think you had a bad day?  Leave it to Billy Crystal to lighten the moment when he says,  ”You just had one of those ‘I glued a bird to my head’ days.”

To watch that scene click here.

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Crystal at his finest and cleverest

Everyone can relate to that!

hello!,I love your writing so a lot!

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